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Coaches & Managers

Bob Weir

Head Coach

Phone: 715-505-1977

Russ Bahr

Assistant Coach

Phone: 715-215-0734

Jake Cimino

Assistant Coach

Phone: 715-505-1500

Jesse Cockeram

Assistant Coach

Phone: 715-556-8365

Cassandra Ellis

Team Manager

Phone: 612-791-6882

Jessica Kopaczewski

Website Manager

Phone: 715-619-0304

General Info

LAST PRACTICE: Tuesday, February 27th.

Please ensure all practice jerseys are turned in after practice on Monday, February 26th!

You know you’re a hockey parent at the end of the season when….

  1. You are counting the days until you can clean your house and get caught up on laundry.
  2. You are counting the days until your car doesn’t smell like a locker room on wheels.
  3. You’re planning out locker decorations for the team for district tournaments.
  4. You’re searching for summer camps, reading reviews, finding out which ones his teammates are going to and trying to figure out which one(s) would work best for your child.
  5. You’re planning summer activities for the rest of the family around said camps.
  6. Friends ask you if you can go out for supper, and you say, “In 3 weeks!  Hockey is done!”
  7. Your child is already asking when summer league starts.
  8. You’re hitting the end of the year clearance sales on equipment for next year, praying your child doesn’t have a crazy growth spurt before then.
  9. You’re looking forward to watching your favorite shows live instead of on DVR.
  10. You’re looking forward to meals that take more than 20 minutes to cook and eat.
  11. You’re wondering what in the world you’re going to do with all of your free time.
  12. You’re grieving because you’re not going to see your hockey family six days a week for months and planning “book clubs” just so you have an excuse to hang out with them.
  13. You’re already looking forward to next season.