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Donate to MYHA while you shop!

If you shop on Amazon, 0.5% of your order could go towards Menomonie Youth Hockey.  It's easy and doesn't cost you anything.  All you need to do is shop through and sign us up as your favorite charity!  Share with family and friends too!  Thank you for supporting MYHA. 


Current season Work Assessment Hours are as follows:

Families with a skater at the Mite, Squirt, Peewee or Bantam level are required to complete 30 Work Assessment Hours per skater.  A minimum of 5 of these hours must be worked in the concession stand.  For families with more than one skater, there is a maximum of 60 hours required per family.

Returning skaters in the Learn to Skate Program are required to complete 20 hours, with a minimum of 5 hours worked in the concession stand.  

Girls Co-Op players  are required to complete 10 hours, with a minimum of 5 hours worked in the concession stand.

Skaters in the Free Learn to Skate Program are not required to complete Work Assessment Hours.


Please see below for current Work Assessment Hour status (updated 2.28.2018). 

Fundraising Options

To help offset the increasing costs of hockey operation, each skater is asked to help in MYHA's fundraising efforts.
Each skater in Mites, Squirts, Peewee, Bantam or Girl's Co-Op are asked to sell $400 in fundraising items, up to a family maximum of $800 in families with more than on skater.  
Returning skaters in the Learn to Skate Program are asked to sell $300 in fundraising items.  Skaters in the Free Learn to Skate Program do not need to participate in fundraising.  
Fundraising items this year will be the ever-popular holiday wreaths, and Charity Mania tickets.
There are a few options to meet the fundraising quota:
  • Sell NFL Charity Mania Tickets
  • Sell Wreaths
  • Sell a combination of Charity Mania Tickets and Wreaths 

For example ($300 NFL + $100 wreaths- or any combination that adds to $400)

Unmet fundraising quota is billed Jan. 1 at 75%.  For example, it a family sells $200 Charity Mania tickets and $100 in wreaths, they will owe the association $75. ($400-$300 sold = $100 75% of 100 is $75)
Families CAN OPT OUT OF ALL FUNDRAISING by paying $300 at registration time or wreath sale turn-in night.

Congrats to the following 2017-2018 Charity Mania Winners!

  • Keila Drout - $200
  • Ellen Anderson - $25
  • Luke Wilsey - $50
  • Jack Tritt - $25
  • Melanie Marincel - $25
  • Tim Niehoff - $25
  • JP Berthiaume - $225
  • Rod Shaw - $400
  • Judy Johnson - $25
  • Matt Link - $25
  • Lisa Christianson - $50
  • Sam Hintzman - $50
  • Luke Wilsey - $25
  • Troy Hollister - $25
  • Cooper Marincel - $1000